Hyde Barn wedding photography { Sarah & Bob }

Hyde Barn wedding photography by Jennifer Peel

Despite months (sometimes even years!) of planning, a bride and groom can never guarantee what their wedding weather is going to be like. This was certainly the case for Sarah and Bob, on their special day. Taking place on the last weekend of September, the couple had been desperate for an outdoor ceremony. However, on the morning of the wedding, Mother Nature had different ideas, with a misty fog encompassing the venue. Thankfully, neither Sarah nor Bob, lost hope, and when it came to their ceremony, the sun broke out, giving them the late summer wedding they’d dreamed of.

The intimate ceremony took place at Hyde Barn. Nestled in the Cotswolds, the couple were attracted to the traditional venue for its combination of archaic architecture with a contemporary and elegantly finished barn, giving them a blank canvas to put their personality and ideas into the celebration of their wedding.

Sarah wore an elegant white strapless gown by Provnovias, accompanied by her bridesmaids in midnight blue dresses from Maids to Measure. Each of the dresses were complemented perfectly with their simple hydrangea bouquets from the local florist, Cotswold Blooms.

After the outdoor ceremony and drinks reception, the wedding party retreated inside the barn, where the simple sophisticated theme continued, with elegant white decorations and a beautiful florally embellished cake, from the Pretty Cake Company.

The guests enjoyed a delicious wedding breakfast, before being entertained by Bob and his groomsmen’s speeches. It was then time for Sarah and Bob’s romantic first dance, where the couple took to the centre of the barn surrounded by their friends and family.



Hyde Barn wedding photography – the barn decorated for the wedding breakfast


Hyde Barn wedding photography – sunset portraits in the grounds


Hyde Barn wedding photography – guests enjoying the evening celebrations



Simply Sitting

This week my nephew Harry is 6 months old.  I know it’s a cliché but I really can’t believe how fast he is growing up!

Naturally we arranged a photo session to mark this little milestone and I absolutely loved photographing Harry at this age as he is sitting up unassisted but he’s not yet quick enough to run away from Auntie Jen’s camera!

The shoot took place in the comfort of my sister’s home with me using my portable studio lights and a traditional backdrop. If you have a little sitter that you’d like some photographs of, drop me an email!


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Hampton Manor wedding photography & St Peter’s Church

Hampton Manor wedding photography by Jennifer Peel

With Jack being a graphic designer and keen photographer, it was a real compliment to be asked to photograph his and Halina’s wedding. They were married at St Peter’s Church in Leamington town centre, a church I’ve photographed at before on a number of occasions. It’s always so lovely to be given free reign by a vicar as it not only allows me to shoot from all angles of the church but the couple get so many more photographs from the ceremony. This church gets the thumbs up from me! The couple and their guests moved onto Hampton Manor in Solihull for their reception, again a venue which never disappoints! Halina looked stunning in her Jenny Packham dress from The Wedding Club, a lovely boutique in Edgbaston. They asked a local business, The Larder, in Leamington to create their amazing cake table and The Orangery in Kenilworth provided Halina’s hydrangea bouquet. As they’d chosen Stick It On DJ for their evening reception, Jack and Halina opted for a few hours extra evening coverage instead of bridal preparations. It’s the first time I’ve seen this at a wedding but I’d highly recommend. For anyone not familiar with how it works, friends and family take control of the decks after first having their playlists approved by the couple. It certainly kept the dancefloor lively!

Hampton_Manor_Wedding_Photography_001Hampton_Manor_Wedding_Photography_002St Peters_Leamington_Wedding_Photography_003St Peters_Leamington_Wedding_Photography_004St Peters_Leamington_Wedding_Photography_005St Peters_Leamington_Wedding_Photography_006St Peters_Leamington_Wedding_Photography_007St Peters_Leamington_Wedding_Photography_008St Peters_Leamington_Wedding_Photography_009St Peters_Leamington_Wedding_Photography_010St Peters_Leamington_Wedding_Photography_011St Peters_Leamington_Wedding_Photography_012St Peters_Leamington_Wedding_Photography_013St Peters_Leamington_Wedding_Photography_014

St Peter’s wedding photography – the vows and ring exchange St Peters_Leamington_Wedding_Photography_015St Peters_Leamington_Wedding_Photography_016St Peters_Leamington_Wedding_Photography_017St Peters_Leamington_Wedding_Photography_018St Peters_Leamington_Wedding_Photography_019Hampton_Manor_Wedding_Photography_020Hampton_Manor_Wedding_Photography_021Hampton_Manor_Wedding_Photography_022Hampton_Manor_Wedding_Photography_023Hampton_Manor_Wedding_Photography_024

Hampton Manor wedding photography – formal family photos in the stunning groundsHampton_Manor_Wedding_Photography_025Hampton_Manor_Wedding_Photography_026Hampton_Manor_Wedding_Photography_027Hampton_Manor_Wedding_Photography_028Hampton_Manor_Wedding_Photography_029

Hampton Manor wedding photography – the room laid up for wedding breakfast



Hampton Manor wedding photography – cake table by The Larder, Leamington Spa

bride and groom portraits in the grounds of Hampton manorHampton_Manor_Wedding_Photography_034bride and groom in the grounds of Hampton manorbride and groom pose for photos in the grounds of Hampton ManorHampton_Manor_Wedding_Photography_037bride kisses groom at Hampron manorwedding speeches at Hampton ManorHampton_Manor_Wedding_Photography_040Hampton_Manor_Wedding_Photography_041bride and groom perform first dance at Hampton manorHampton_Manor_Wedding_Photography_043guests dancing at a wedding at Hampton manor

Calke Abbey wedding photography

Calke Abbey Wedding Photography (The Riding School) by Jennifer Peel

I met Victoria and Tom at Calke Abbey a few weeks before their wedding and as I walked into the Riding School I was completely blown away. So much so I announced to the wedding coordinator that I was going to get married there (despite not having a ring on my finger!) It’s a photographer’s absolute dream with so many opportunities. The exposed brick of the walls and the flaking green painted doors of the Riding School make for fab backdrops but my favourite is the orangery in the grounds of Calke Abbey. The blue peeling paint and it’s beautiful windows are just amazing! I was lucky enough to get the couple all to myself for enough time to make full use of the grounds whilst guests enjoyed canapes in the Riding School. They were married at Melbourne Parish church in the village where Victoria grew up and as her family spent a lot of time at Calke Abbey when she was younger, they chose the venue for these reasons. After dinner, guests were invited to join the bridal party for a game of cricket – a big passion of both families! The evening ended with dancing in the Riding School – and boy could these guys dance! I don’t think I’ve ever photographed a wedding where pretty much everyone could actually dance – and I mean properly dance! I loved photographing at Calke Abbey and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a venue with a bit of a difference – but be warned they book up very early!

Calke_Abbey_Riding_School_Wedding_Photographer_001Calke_Abbey_Riding_School_Wedding_Photographer_002Calke_Abbey_Riding_School_Wedding_Photographer_003Calke_Abbey_Riding_School_Wedding_Photographer_004Calke_Abbey_Riding_School_Wedding_Photographer_005Calke_Abbey_Riding_School_Wedding_Photographer_006groom portraits at Melbourne Parish ChurchCalke_Abbey_Riding_School_Wedding_Photographer_008Calke_Abbey_Riding_School_Wedding_Photographer_009bride arriving for a wedding at Melbourne Parish Churchbridesmaids adjusting bride's veil outside Melbourne Parish Churchwedding ceremony at Melbourne Parish Church, Derbysirea wedding ceremony at Melbourne Parish ChurchCalke_Abbey_Riding_School_Wedding_Photographer_014ring exchange at Melbourne Parish ChurchCalke_Abbey_Riding_School_Wedding_Photographer_016family portraits at Melbourne Parish Churchbride with her parents at Melbourne Parish ChurchCalke_Abbey_Riding_School_Wedding_Photographer_019bride and groom at Melbourne Parish Churchconfetti throwing at the Riding School at Calke Abbey

Calke Abbey wedding photography – Confetti throwing in the courtyard Riding_School_Calke_AbbeyWedding_Photography_022Calke_Abbey_Riding_School_Wedding_Photographer_023

Calke Abbey wedding photography – formal family portraits in the courtyard of the Riding School Bridal party group shot at the Riding School at Calke AbbeyCalke Abbey wedding photographybride and groom in the Orangery at Calke Abbey

Calke Abbey wedding photography – bride and groom portraits in the Orangery bride and groom portraits in the Orangery at Calke AbbeyCalke_Abbey_Riding_School_Wedding_Photographer_028bride and groom portrait at Calke AbbeyCalke_Abbey_Riding_School_Wedding_Photographer_030Riding_School_Calke_AbbeyWedding_Photography_031bride and groom portraits in the gardens at Calke AbbeyCalke Abbey wedding photographybride and groom walking through the grounds of Calke Abbeybride and groom sitting in the orchard at Calke Abbeybride and groom portraits in the Riding School at Calke AbbeyThe riding School at Calke Abbey set up for wedding breakfast

Calke Abbey wedding photography – the couple perform their first dance in the Riding School Calke_Abbey_Riding_School_Wedding_Photographer_038Calke_Abbey_Riding_School_Wedding_Photographer_039A wedding breakfast at The Riding School at Calke AbbeyA wedding at the Riding School at Calke AbbeyCalke_Abbey_Riding_School_Wedding_Photographer_042speeches in the Riding School at Calke AbbeyCalke_Abbey_Riding_School_Wedding_Photographer_044bride and groom play cricket at Calke AbbeyCalke_Abbey_Riding_School_Wedding_Photographer_046cricket match at a wedding at Calke Abbeybride and groom cut the cake in the Riding School at Calke AbbeyBride and groom perform a first dance in the Riding School at Calke Abbey

Calke Abbey wedding photography – the couple perform their first dance in the Riding School Calke_Abbey_Riding_School_Wedding_Photographer_051Calke_Abbey_Riding_School_Wedding_Photographer_050wedding reception at the Riding School at Calke Abbey

A New Year’s Plea!

Instead of the usual 2015 round up blog post I’ve decided to write a more personal post about the importance of printing your photos. I know we get told time and time again to make backups of our digital images and free them from our computers as printed photographs but here I am about to tell you again. Maybe you’ve already given up on the New Year’s resolutions you made a week ago, if so – here’s another one for you to try!

As a child I can remember the first time my Mum got out all the old family photo albums that she’d carefully put together over the years. No-one can deny that they love to look back over old photographs to laugh and cringe at the clothes we wore, the haircuts our parents had as well as to reminisce over family holidays. But more importantly, for me, is that they fill in the blanks of events that occurred before I was born or before I was old enough to have a memory of them.

Thirty years ago it was easier to put together these albums as you’d get a print of every photo you took and film by film, you’d build up your photo album. Film was precious. With every roll you only got 24 or 36 frames and it was normal in our house for a roll to last over a year with the camera only being brought out on holidays, at birthdays, or Christmas.

Fast forward to 2016 and photography is so much more accessible – everyone has a camera on their smartphone. Shots are free, there’s no developing costs – you can take as many as you like with no restrictions and so that’s exactly what we do.

But here’s the thing – although we are able to document our lives so freely – I still reckon my Mum has more printed photographs of me and my siblings as a baby than any of my friends do of their own children.

As wedding season has come to an end, it’s meant that I’ve been able to spend my time at weekends planning my own upcoming wedding and more importantly, spend some time with family and friends. There’s been a few big changes over the last few months – not just getting engaged but I’ve also become an auntie to a wonderful nephew, Harry. And so, recently I’ve been inspired to spend some time collating all my personal photographs into physical photo albums. I have always regularly printed my photographs but until recently they’ve been stuck in their packets, stacked in boxes or stuffed away in drawers. Picking up prints no longer has the anticipation it used to when we didn’t know what we’d be getting back but there’s still something so lovely about seeing them in print that’s just not the same as looking on a computer screen, phone or tablet.

And here’s the horrible thing. At some point, sooner or later, your computer will break, or your hard disk will corrupt or you’ll have your phone lost or stolen. And all those precious images that those devices contained will be lost. Consequently in fifteen years, hardly anyone will have printed photo albums and it makes me sad to think that the next generation will grow up unable to see pictures of their parents in their youth, of their parents’ wedding day and of their siblings and themselves as babies as well as being able to see those family members that have already passed. I want my children to thumb through photos in the same way that I did. I remember laughing at my Dad in his flared jeans and mocking the fluffy interior of my parents’ Ford Cortina. I’m sure there’s many hairstyles and outfit choices we’d love to forget but for the next generation, being able to look through those photos will be priceless.

Have you got the message yet? Just go and print your photos please!

Print your Photos

Jephson Gardens wedding photography { Anna & Phil }

Jephson Gardens wedding photography by Jennifer Peel

I met Anna and Phil at the Midlands Vintage Chic wedding fair and as one of the approved suppliers at the Pump Rooms and Jephsons, I was thrilled to be asked to photograph their day. Anna looked stunning in her Minna wedding dress and Phil had chosen navy blue suits for the boys. Amazing buttonholes and blooms by The Orangery finished the look for all the wedding party. Yellow is a favourite colour of mine (as anyone who has visited my home knows!) so I loved all the yellow details and the attention to detail that they’d gone to with their table decorations. They truly are a lovely couple and their day really reflected their relaxed personalities. Jepson Gardens is glorious in any season so it was great to be ble to take the couple off for some photos not just before dinner but during sunset as well. It was an absolute pleasure to have been able to be a part of it. Special mention to Sarah Edwards for the scrummy cake table! I’d love to hear from you if you’re getting married at either Jephson Gardens or the Pump Rooms and still looking for your photographer!


Pump Rooms wedding photography – civil ceremony in the main hallLeamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_012Leamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_013Leamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_014Leamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_015Leamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_016Leamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_017Leamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_018

Pump Rooms wedding photography – family portraits Leamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_019Leamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_020Leamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_021Leamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_022Leamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_023Leamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_024Leamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_025Leamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_026Leamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_027Leamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_028

Jephson Gardens wedding photography – couple portraits in the parkLeamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_029Leamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_030

Jephson Gardens wedding photography – the bride and groom with their bridal partyLeamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_031Leamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_032Leamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_033

Jephson Gardens wedding photography – the restaurant laid out for wedding breakfastLeamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_034

Jephson Gardens wedding photography – cake table by Sarah Edwards CakesLeamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_035Leamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_036Leamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_037Leamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_038Leamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_039Leamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_040Leamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_041Leamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_042Leamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_043

Jephson Gardens wedding photography – sunset portraits in the park after wedding breakfastLeamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_044Leamington_pump_Rooms_Jephson_Gardens_Wedding_Photography_045

Lauren & Adam { sneak preview }

So much to love about this wedding…Laurens’ hand painted shoes, her unusual bouquet, the Ford Mustang and Adam’s superman socks just to name a few!Hawkesyard_Estate_Wedding_Photography_001



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