Those special newborn features change so quickly - tiny toes, little curls and long eyelashes. With a newborn photo shoot you can capture all those details and precious earlystages of your baby.

The best time for a newborn sesison is 7-12 days and I advise that the best time to book your session is any time after your 20 week scan. Your session is usually booked for 6-8 days after your due date but I understand it's rare for babies to arrive on time so your sesison will be moved forward or back depepnding on when baby makes an appearance.

During the first two weeks, your baby will be more sleepy and flexible, enabling me to achieve those stunning newborn images that can only be captured at this very early stage. 

My sessions are baby led and tailored around the comfort and safety of your little one. Sessions are never rushed, amking time for a feed, change or a cuddle with Mum if needed. 

Sessions take place at your home. It's important for the room to be warma nd for it to be a calm and relaxing environment. I have a range of props and accessories but if you have something you'd like to use we can incorporate that into the session.

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