“Hi Jennifer, can I use your photos from that wedding I was a supplier at too?”

If we've worked together at a wedding and you're interested in using some of the images in your marketing then this is the info you need! 

You may have asked the wedding couple already for images - but as I retain copyright of my images and my couples only have a personal use license which doesn't cover use of the images it means that if you'd like to use the images then you need to have permission from me. 

Unless my couples have already arranged and paid for a commercial use contract with me, they don't have permission to give you use of the images for your business. By law copyright is retained by the photogrpaher so please do not put my couples in an awkward position by asking them, as simply put they paid for photographs for personal use, not to promote a business

However I am fairly open to sharing my images, if the promotion that you will get in using my images is fairly reciprocated in kind. Not many suppliers are expected to give over the product of their labours for free to promote another business' work with reciprocation or remuneration. 

When I meet suppliers who are incredibly talented (and especially if they are nice to me on the day) then I already often recommend them to future couples and give them a shout out on social media and my website. If I think you're great and a true professional behind the scenes then I'll really want to work with you again so I'll deifnately be telling my clients about you

I know that most of the time businesses just want content for social media, blogs or on their websites where they can easily accommodate a credit. I'm therefore happy to support your business free of charge by supplying you images under the following conditions:

For online use (websites/blogs) use watermarked copies and also provide a link to my website www.jennifertakesphotos.co.uk. If you choose to crop the watermark out, you must agree to credit Jennifer Peel Photography in a reasonable manner wherever the image is printed or displayed with this text "Photographs copyright of Jennifer Peel Photography" and also to provide a hyperlink to my website www.jennifertakesphotos.co.uk

For social media use there should be a link to my page on the same social media (see below). You can crop the image if you like but no other editing. Do not apply Instagram filters or any other special effects as it is misrepresentation of my work and style. 

My social media links are

For use in print media (leaflets, brochures etc) please contact me to clarify how you will be using the images, as you will almost certainly need a higher resolution image than the watermarked images I provide for suppliers. Depending on how the image will be used, I may be able to supply free of charge under the same conditions above, but please discuss with me first. 

If you really don't want to offer a link to my work to reciprocate, then of course you can pay for a commercial license to legally use the images. For use in print marketing or to use online without a credit I charge £35 per image and I may offer a bulk discount for multiple images. I will supply you with a commercial license for image use. If you haven't already, please double check with the couple as a courtesy that they are happy for you to use the images

We're all small businesses and I hope we can support each other with cross promotion to reach new clients

Thank you for getting in touch as I love to help promote great businesses and love working with brilliant suppliers


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