You've signed the contract and paid your booking fee so I'm all booked in to photograph your wedding, yay!

For most people this is all so new and maybe a little bewildering and I’m sure you're wondering what happens next and what to expect!

You'll receive my client booklet in the post which has lots of useful information but here's an overview of the process from start to finish...


12+ months before

Many of you will have booked up to a year in advance and so there will usually be a big gap between booking and when I am next in touch. During this time, do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions you might have.

6 months before…

A 50% balance payment is due 6 months before the wedding so I will be in touch around this time with your invoice for this.

5 weeks before…

Initially when you booked me the only info I needed was your names, date and locations. Around 5 weeks prior to your big day I will be in touch to go over the finer details. We leave it until this point as often the nuts and bolts of the day will not be finalised until fairly late on (timings etc).

You will receive an email from me containing a questionnaire which will have all of the important details on it to ensure that I will be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. It's also a chance for you to make any requests and let me know which group shots you'll want taking. If we didn't meet in person at the booking stage, then I will be in touch to arrange a time for us to get together to talk through the details - confirm addresses, arrange a time fo me to arrive etc. This will otherwise be done over the phone. 

Unfortunately, also around this time I will send you an invoice for final payment (sorry).

Once all this is sorted, it's all systems go!

the wedding day

The wait is over and it doesn't get any better than this. Marrying your loved one in front of your nearest and dearest. 

I think it’s important to emphasise a few things about how I work and what I want to do for you guys. The work I produce is not by accident. I often have people commenting on how natural my images look and while that is true, there are a couple of things I ask of you to allow me to produce my absolute best just for you.

I want you to let me into your inner circle. I want you to treat me as one of the family. One of the friends. One of the bridesmaids. One of the groomsmen. The more I am with you guys on the day and am treated as not a “photographer” but a true guest, the more the images will show off your day how you saw it. It’s so hard for people to ignore someone with a great big camera so I don’t try to hide, I am in the thick of it. I talk to everyone, I mingle and I interact. A good way of thinking about it is that if a crime happened at your wedding then I would have a solid alibi because everyone would know where I was and when!

Another thing I ask of my couples is that you spend as much time together on the day as you can. You will be amazed how many couples say after their wedding that they hardly saw their new spouse because they were off talking to the guests. Make a little promise to each other to spend time together. To enjoy the day together. The more you guys are together, the greater the chances of me capturing those “natural” shots.

I wouldn’t say I am a traditional photographer of weddings. I am a free spirit at a wedding, I go where the wind takes me. I interact with your guests. I steal you guys away for some portraits in the most awesome light, well, just because. I watch as your day unfolds and capture it all for you in my own way.

I like as much time as possible with just the two of you, to get some epic portraits which you will cherish. It’s what I love most about photographing weddings – portraits are just rock and roll. I assume as you have booked me you love a good portrait too, even if the thought terrifies you.

If you so wish I will also grab a few more “formal” portraits of family members. I know parents are often a sucker for these “mantlepiece” shots and I will be sure to grab the ones you want all the while trying my best to not disrupt the flow of the day (nobody likes hanging around waiting for their photo to be taken when there is a bar to attend to).

Mostly however during your day I will be mingling. I will be in close, getting shots which you maybe aren’t used to seeing in wedding portfolios. All the while though with good humour and hopefully a huge dose of the awesome.

I shoot well into the evening, capturing the dance offs, the laughter and the love.

No two weddings are alike, the same way no two couples are alike. As a result I see no point in shooting a wedding with a preconceived idea of what’s going to happen or what I’m going to do. The only thing though through all of this which I do want to do, is I want to capture the love you have for one another and also the love of your family and friends towards you. This may be the only time ever that all of your nearest and dearest will be together, and that you are allowing me into that inner circle is just the most incredible thing.

the morning after

Sore head? Off on honeymoon? Whatever the morning after your wedding is, I will already have your images safely backed up to various hard drives so rest easy, your wedding is safe and sound.

4 – 6 weeks after….

Your images will be edited and ready to view in an online gallery which will be password protected. You will receive an email with the login details and shortly after this you will receive your USB in the post. 

8 weeks after…

If you have opted for an album now is the time to be thinking about getting your image selection for your album to me. The album design process takes approximately two weeks after which you'll be able to see a first draft proof. Together over the next few days, we make as many changes to the layout and images until you are completely in love with the result. 

Once the proof is approved I will order your album and in 3-4 weeks you'll receive some pretty exciting post!

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